Ben Rogerson —

I am a web developer and consultant based in Adelaide.

I specialise in building lightning‑fast, cutting‑edge, digital experiences that surprise and thrill.

You'll also catch me working on open‑source plugins across modern Javascript frameworks.

  1. Node.js, Babel plugin

    A library that extends Tailwind within different css‑in‑js libraries

    Use Tailwind classes within css‑in‑js libraries
  2. 2019
  3. Nuxt.js, Node.js

    A plugin to retrieve SEO data from a headless CMS

    A Nuxt.js module targeting SEO through the Craft CMS SEOmatic plugin
  4. Sass

    A form styling framework for Simple

    An light open-source form framework with high quality pre-styled form components
  5. Webpack, Laravel Mix

    A plugin to create static sites from twig templates

    Plugin to convert twig templates into html files ready for static hosting
  6. Node.js, Webpack, Laravel Mix

    A developer-friendly website/webapp boilerplate

    A solid setup for creating modern websites/apps
  7. Storybook.js

    A style guide for Twig components

    A starter template with Twig components (normally JavaScript) for the Craft community
  8. Craft CMS, Sass

    Website development for Simple

  9. Node.js, JavaScript

    A file-sync command line app

    SSH command line tools for common local ↔ staging environment tasks
  10. 2018
  11. Craft CMS, JavaScript, Sass

    Website development for Simple

  12. Jamstack, React, Gatsby, Markdown

    A fast website for my articles

    Website Design, Development & Illustration